December 29, 2021

8 Things You Should Know About Casino Cruises in the World

In this blog, you will find 8 important things that you should know before going to cruise ship casinos.

  • All Casino Cruises do not have Table Games – It is a fact that a few cruise ships do not have enough space for table games. So, you have to research and find out which sort of table games your cruise will be supporting. 
  • Penny and Regular Slot Machines are Very Common in Cruise – A casino cruise accommodates hundreds of gambling machines.  You can also see penny slots machines in the casino room. You can start betting at a penny and go up to dollar two. In fact, penny slots are the best way to enjoy gambling enthusiasm without spending too much money.
  • Casinos are not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Most casino cruise lines will be shut down in the early morning hours. In addition to that, the cruise ship will close the casino when the ship reaches a country where gambling has been prohibited.
  • The minimum age to gamble depends on the ship – Most cruise lines allow people who are  18 years of age or above to gamble. However, this age limit will increase on the basis of where the ship may be moored.  In fact, a person who is 21 years of age or older can go to a casino and gamble, as long as it is not prohibited.
  • Payment will be accepted in Cruise Cards and Cash –   You can use cruise cards during a cruise ship travel. To replenish your card, you have to transfer money to that card prior to setting sail.  Failing to do so, will cause you to pay a high fee to withdraw money from the ATM machine. Another way to make payments in these casinos is through cryptocurrencies. You can connect your cryptocurrency to a debit card, allowing you to spend your digital currencies like cash. In fact, cryptocurrencies are an amazing invention that the financial world has ever witnessed. Many people are now showing interest in investing and trading in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and more. Today, cryptocurrency trading is not complicated with the emergence of highly advanced trading robots like the bitcoin bank. If you are considering buying the bitcoin bank platform, be sure to take the test and read the user reviews carefully. If you have enough money with you on a cruise, you can pay by invoice or leverage a cruise card if you are worried about using cash in your transactions.
  • Have to Pay for all of your Drinks – At the casino, any drinks you order will be charged. However, the pit manager will be able to purchase rounds of drinks for players.  Hence, it is necessary to be friends with the pit manager to get a free drink. In fact, many casino cruise line includes loyalty program that offers free drinks and other rewards when you earn adequate points.
  • General cruise lines come with loyalty programs – All cruise lines do not come with a loyalty program, but we have a tendency to compare this program to other vessels. At the casino, you will earn rewards whenever you play. This can lead to drinks and even get a free cruise.
  • Smoking is Allowed – Smoking is prohibited in public spaces in the United States. However, it is possible to smoke at the casino. Most large vessels come with smoking areas, but some cruise lines will not allow smoking at casinos. So before you light a cigarette, you need to check out smoking guidelines issued by your cruise ship. Casinos, have developed dramatically over the years, particularly online casinos. Many online casinos now accept Bitcoin, with some enabling players to wager in BTC units and others simply accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment and withdrawal method. To learn which bitcoin casinos sites are secure, visit a reputable website that provides a list of best bitcoin casinos available around the world. The top bitcoin casinos may be chosen based on their welcome bonus, wagering requirements, regulation, and security.